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Esparragoza, Ivan (1); Mesa-Cogollo, Jaime (2) // 2019
Finding sustainable solutions to worldwide problems has become a critical challenge for engineers. The use of natural resources and the generation of materials no degradable should be controlled when ...


Empson, Thomas (1); Chance, Professor Shannon (2); Patel, Professor Shushma (1) // 2019
This paper provides a system level perspective of the contextual pressures facing designers, engineers and businesses today. In it, we challenge negative creative norms and we champion positive ...

A Critical Review of the Integrated Logistics Support Suite for Aerospace and Defence Programmes

Vaskic, Ljubisa; Paetzold, Kristin // 2019
The Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) can be described as an approach for optimisation of in-service (logistics) activities and minimisation of the life cycle costs of a system. ILS is an integral ...

A lifecycle cost-driven system dynamics approach for considering additive re-manufacturing or repair in aero-engine component design

Lawand, Lydia (1); Al Handawi, Khalil (1); Panarotto, Massimo (2); Andersson, Petter (3); Isaksson, Ola (2); Kokkolaras, Michael (1,2) // 2019
Aero-engine component design decisions should consider re-manufacturing and/or repair strategies and their impact on lifecycle cost. Existing design approaches do not account for alternative ...

A Network-based Contract Management Framework for Prioritizing Contractual Performance Progress Axis

Cesar, Franck (1); Marle, Franck (2) // 2019
Contracts play a major role in today’s projects and operations. Contractual performance is defined as the result of the contract and the process and organization that support the contract lifecycle. ...

A preliminary proposal towards unambiguous definitions for Modular Interfaces and Interactions

Fiorineschi, Lorenzo; Rotini, Federico // 2019
Modularity is acknowledged to provide benefits across the whole product lifecycle. Accordingly, many literature contributions can be found about modularization methods, metrics and definitions. In ...

A semi-automated requirements reuse and recycling process for Autonomous Transportation Systems R&D

Damak, Youssef (1,2); Jankovic, Marija (1); Leroy, Yann (1); Chelbi, Karim (2) // 2019
The R&D of Autonomous Transportation Systems (ATS) is hindered by the lack of industrial feedback and client's knowledge about technological possibilities. In addition, because of intellectual ...

A theoretical foundation for developing a prescriptive method for the co-design of circular economy value chains

Blomsma, Fenna; Pigosso, Daniela C.; McAloone, Tim C. // 2019
In order to operate in line with the circular economy (CE) concept, companies and other stakeholders need to work together to enable the circulation and cascading of resources. Although the need for ...

AIM: an Interactive Ashtray to Support Behavior Change through Gamification

Huang, Siyuan; Scurati, Giulia Wally; Elzeney, Mostafa; Li, Yujie; Lin, Xiaofeng; Ferrise, Francesco; Bordegoni, Monica // 2019
Littering is a highly diffused anti-environmental and anti-social behavior, especially among young people. Furthermore, cigarette butts are one of the most littered items and are responsible for both ...

An Approach for choosing the cost effective design for a product-service system while maintaining its desired reliability

Schneider, Jannik Alexander; Mozgova, Iryna; Lachmayer, Roland // 2019
With the spread of product-service systems as business models the life cycle costs are of increasing importance as a measurement of product cost. A key factor that drives these costs is the desired ...

An eco-knowledge tool to support eco-design implementation inside design departments

Rossi, Marta (1); Favi, Claudio (2); Russo, Anna Costanza (1); Germani, Michele (1) // 2019
In last years, an increasing attention on environmental matters is registered. Companies face environmental matters to increase the environmental performances of their products, forced by numerous ...

Analysis and evaluation in the early stages of designing resource efficient offerings: A comparison among large companies and small and medium enterprises

Brambila-Macias, Sergio Andres; Sakao, Tomohiko // 2019
In Europe there is a common vision to transform the economy into a sustainable one by 2050 which among other changes, calls for companies to address their offerings in a more resource-efficient ...

Analysis and Synthesis of Resilient Load-carrying Systems

Schulte, Fiona; Kirchner, Eckhard; Kloberdanz, Hermann // 2019
Resilient systems have the capability to survive and recover from seriously affecting events. Resilience engineering already is established for socio-economic organisations and extended network-like ...

Aspects of body metrics data management in the long term for the European fitness industry

Gu // 2019
The dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, mostly known through the German initiative "Industrie 4.0", builds on a set of technologies emerging from software and information and communication ...

Automotive IVHM: Towards Intelligent Personalised Systems Healthcare

Campean, Felician (1); Neagu, Daniel (1); Doikin, Aleksandr (1); Soleimani, Morteza (1); Byrne, Thomas (1); Sherratt, Andrew (2) // 2019
Underpinned by a contemporary view of automotive systems as cyber-physical systems, characterised by progressively open architectures increasingly defined by their interaction with the users and the ...

Beitrag zur Entwicklungsmethodik für resiliente Systeme des Maschinenbaus

Fiona Schulte [1]; Roland Engelhardt [2]; Prof. Eckhard Kirchner [1] ; Hermann Kloberdanz [1] // 2019
Resilience in load-carrying systems enables to avoid catastrophes by avoiding a complete failure especially of highly safety-relevant systems. For its realisation a resilience design methodology is ...

Bio-Brick - Development of sustainable and cost effective building material

Rautray, Priyabrata (1); Roy, Avik (2); Mathew, Deepak John (1); Eisenbart, Boris (3) // 2019
Building construction is one of the fastest growing industries in India and it puts a huge burden on its limited natural resources. Fired clay bricks are one of the major constituent materials for ...

Biomimicry Design Education Essentials

Stevens, Laura (1); De Vries, Marc {M.J.} (2); Bos, Mark {M.J.W.} (1); Kopnina, Helen (1) // 2019
The emerging field of biomimicry and learning to design with and for nature has expanded in recent years through a diversity of educational programs. Inspiration following natural forms may give the ...

Business model innovation for circular economy: integrating literature and practice into a conceptual process model

Pieroni, Marina de Padua; McAloone, Tim; Pigosso, Daniela // 2019
A key question regarding business model innovation/development for circular economy is ?how to make it happen in practice"? By systematically reviewing 92 approaches from circular economy and ...


Smit, Mark J.; Bekker, Dirk H.M. // 2019
Learning how to create physical products that are either functional, producible, profitable, sustainable and valuable involves both intensive practice and acquiring broad knowledge and ...

Challenges and architectural approaches for automotive PLM in multi-brand organisations - a discussion paper

Kehl, Stefan (2); Hesselmann, Carsten (1); Stiefel, Patrick (2); M // 2019
Today, top-down processes, centralized IT infrastructures, and one-vendor strategies prevail in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) of large multi-brand Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) groups. ...

Circular PSS strategies: an exploration of the integration of territorial resources

Delgadillo Jaime, Estephania Elizabeth (1); Reyes Carrillo, Tatiana (1); Baumgartner, Rupert (2) // 2019
Product service systems (PSS) are frequently cited as key strategies in the transition towards the circular economy (CE). The main aim of the CE is sustainable development (SD), hence, this paper ...

Conceptual Design of Urban E-Bus Systems with Special Focus on Battery Technology

G // 2019
Many cities have announced ambitious plans to introduce zero-emission electric bus systems. The transformation process to electric bus systems opens up a vast design space as different charging ...

Decision Support for Re-designed Medicinal Products - Assessing consequences of a customizable product design on the value chain from a sustainability perspective

Siiskonen, Maria (1); Watz, Matilda (2); Malmqvist, Johan (1); Folestad, Staffan (3) // 2019
Despite advances in pharmacological research providing means for individually customized patient attribute treatments, the 'one-size-fits-all' paradigm remains. Customization is associated with cost ...

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